Discover all about yoni massage for a life full of pleasure

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that means “gate of light” or “gate of life”, but it refers to the vulva. Thus, the yoni massage is a massage to sensitise and tonify the female genitals. The technique is contemporary and uses the ancient philosophy of Tantra as a way to accept the body and sexuality.

The main purpose of this technique is to bring greater awareness to the region, changing the way the woman touches herself and/or is touched. These new stimuli are aimed at “cleaning” the old pattern of sensory perception. Furthermore, Yoni massage seeks to establish higher levels of pleasure. The main idea is to reconnect the woman to her yoni knowing, perceiving and feeling in a focused way, since our culture has always deprived women of pleasure.

People usually have behaviour “vicious” on their sexual experiences which limit the pleasure. With the practice of massage, the woman will allow herself to be free of expectations, fears and insecurities that permeate her relationships. As some benefits of the yoni massage, we can highlight:
– Allows self-knowledge: during practice, you will discover the touches and movements you like or dislike, in addition to getting to know your own body in depth and
– Intensifies the orgasm: the relaxation and the different touches of the yoni massage, together with the self-knowledge promoted by it, allow for a more intense and pleasurable orgasm.
– Dissolve emotional blockages: Practice helps you get rid of sex ties, such as insecurity, shame and guilt. You will have a lighter and more delicious experience.