The magic of the tantric massage

Have you ever heard about tantric massage? The technique is far from being something aimed specifically at sex, as many people think, but its main feature is the subtle touch of the entire body – yes, including the genitals. The aim of the tantric massage is to awaken unknown or dormant pleasure zones, in addition to enhancing sensitivity in areas that you already know.

Although some people confuse tantric massage with sexual service, and even in some places it is selling like that, it goes beyond the erotic knowledge we have about pleasure, seeking a greater movement of sexual energy through the touches.

Tantric massage is used for a process of body and mental self-knowledge. Understanding the sexual energy is important for a healthier sex life, as it is the most powerful energy we have – and the most underrated too. Tantra has the possibility to develop this sexual mind and body connection in a healthy way.